your mind,

your body,
and your life.

Yoga provides a balanced path toward health and fitness that encompasses physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, in a time when so much of our lives, culture, and media are pushing us toward extremes. 


Kris Rotzinger

Certified Personal Trainer Registered 200hr Yoga Instructor

Your Practice, Your Way


Find your community and learn alongside like-minded yogis in a fun, friendly group yoga class. 

Get the one-on-one support you need to advance your yoga practice in a personalized, private yoga setting. 

*Both group classes and private lessons  are currently offered online in person settings.

Accessibility is key

Weekly online classes

Because I believe that everyone can benefit from a consistent yoga practice, I strive to make yoga accessible to everyone. This includes offering weekly online yoga classes with flexible pricing options. 

Three Phases of Building Balance


Balance Your Body

Physical balance goes beyond standing on one foot. Your yoga practice will cultivate balance between different areas of the body to promote pain-free movement on and off the mat.


Balance Your Mind

Mindful practices like yoga teach you to focus, breath through moments of stress or anxiety, and calm the speed and flow of your thoughts so that you can make decisions with clarity and confidence.


Balance Your Life

While it may start as stretching, over time the benefits of yoga move far beyond the mat. By balancing the physical elements of the body and the cycles of the mind, you enable yourself to find balance in all areas of life.


Yoga is a mind-body practice that not only trains the body physically to improve strength, balance, and flexibility, but it also trains the mind and nervous system to improve aspects like focus and memory.

Trying something new for the first time can feel a bit strange. To ease this transition, I prioritize using simple language and accessible steps for getting students into each yoga posture. Additionally, all class styles offer ample variations to help each student practice at a level that is comfortable for their experience level and physical ability. 

If you’re starting from nothing, even one session a week can have a valuable impact  on your health and well-being. After all, some yoga is infinitely more beneficial than no yoga. 

Ultimately, the  frequency of your practice should depend on your needs and lifestyle. 

Absolutely! While physical activity in general has been shown to help manage stress, yoga is especially beneficial. By encouraging mindfulness and specific breath-work techniques, yoga actually helps to retain your nervous system to decrease the stress response and resulting symptoms. 


Join a yoga class today to see what you can discover on the mat!​