Group yoga classes have so much to offer whether you are brand new or an experienced yogi. Join us today to find out what you will discover on the mat!


Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Like your health and time are being pulled in the wrong direction and you’re unable to choose your own path? If so, you’re not alone!

With so much going on around us, it’s easy to slip into a state of imbalance. One where your mind and body fall out of sync, and your actions fall short of your goals. For example, you may find yourself exhausted after a long day of work, ready to rest but still unable to fall asleep. 

Luckily, yoga is a mind-body practice that can help to bridge that gap and bring the various elements of your life back into balance. When we feel balanced within, we’re able to bring that sense of steadiness to the rest of our life.

Find Your Strength

You have the strength inside you to change your life as well as the lives of those around you, but often that strength gets overshadowed by fear and stress. When this happens you may feel trapped in a body, habit, or lifestyle that no longer serves you. You might feel stuck or unable to change, but yoga classes provide a scalable challenge that meets you where you are while also encouraging you to grow.

Yoga classes help participants, just like you, to develop strength physically as you learn to feel stable in a new pose or master a transition that once proved difficult. Yet, classes can also help manifest strength mentally and emotionally. For example, our classes teach and encourage participants to get comfortable being uncomfortable as a part of the growing process.

Classes Offered Online and In-Person

Find Your Peace

In this fast-paced world, you likely find yourself suffering from an overactive nervous system – meaning you’re stressed! Physical symptoms of stress can include soreness or tightness in the body, indigestion or upset stomach, even restlessness, and migraines. 

Yoga works to retrain your nervous system by combining breathwork with thoughtful movement. This combination allows you to calm your nervous system and manage both the physical, mental and emotional manifestations of stress. 

In short, yoga classes provide a safe place of peace to not only escape the everyday stresses of work and family but also to learn how to be more responsive rather than reactive to those life moments.

Find Your Community

Community is the foundation for growth. Our yoga classes, invite in a beautiful variety of people coming from all walks of life to connect over a shared interest in health and mindful movement. This community is one of support and encouragement where you can always learn from each other and cheer on the progress of your fellow yogis.

Classes create a shared experience regardless of age, gender, or background. Whether you are walking (or logging)  into your first class or your hundredth, you will be among friends. Friends who ensure you never feel lost, stuck or unsure in your yoga practice.


Because yoga is a practice that slows the body and quiets the mind, it creates space to allow your confidence and inner wisdom to blossom. 

When you live unconnected or mute to your own intuition, it may feel inauthentic or like you’re simply going through the motions. Yoga classes teach us to go deep and to bring awareness to our minds and body which can unlock hidden potential, unrealized desires, and even false limitations that have been holding us back.


Join a yoga class today to see what you can discover on the mat!​